18 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Yesterday I sat on my bicycle to get me a few things for Easter: two bouquets of white tulips, a magazine, berries and chocolate … no Easter eggs for me, thank you very much. It's a beautiful spring day in the West Midlands. I'm taking my coffee in my study room, watching the tulips embracing the sun - I love white tulips. Adding to the relaxing atmosphere in here is our male Persian cat sleeping on the windowsill.

Do you have any plans for Easter? I think I will just be enjoying some lazy days with the kids. Depending on the weather I wouldn't say no to a drive to Stratford-upon-Avon or Warwick, or both. Happy Easter!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

17 April 2014

cherry tree blossoms on a gorgeous spring day

Today I had another spring post in mind (this will be the last in my 'mini series') but the photo above changed my mind. My son, who is only 8 years old, is the photographer. Yesterday, after a day out in the countryside (the part of Derbyshire we saw was beautiful) he was feeling a bit car sick so our friends dropped us out by his school and we walked home to get some fresh air. All day he had been using his binoculars to watch birds and he was telling me that he wanted to own a video camera. Close to our house there is this gorgeous pink cherry tree in full bloom and I had to stop to take a few photos. When he asked if he could photograph it I said sure. I adjusted the manual settings for him, told him how to keep the exposure "correct" and handed him the camera. Because of a slight wind there was some movement in the other photos he took (his composition was great) but this one was just perfect. It was a pure joy watching him with the Nikon in his hand.

Have a wonderful day!
photo credit:
1: my son / 2-4: Lisa Hjalt

16 April 2014

inside the Marimekko atelier

I will be spending the day somewhere in the Derbyshire countryside … think sun, walks, lake and picnic. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful (spring) day with these images from the Marimekko atelier.

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15 April 2014

space: a workspace in Mallorca

Sometimes I have such a difficulty deciding which space to feature in my Space posts. My folders are pretty much bursting and I'm adding more images every single day! I have started to dig a little deeper to reach images that have maybe been there for too long, spaces that I have almost forgotten. This is one of them, a workspace in Danish fashion designer Malene Birger's house in Mallorca. (The house is for sale.) I like the simplicity of this room, the all-white look, and how the vivid colours in the paintings grab one's attention. The house is located in the southwest part of Mallorca, in the valley of S'Arracó in Andratx. It's a renovated two-storey farmhouse. Did I mention the pool?

photo credit:
Gori Salva for Lucas Fox via Est Magazine

14 April 2014

house tour: a 1920s Hollywood Hills charm

In my Hermès blanket post on Friday I wanted to include the above photo, and another one further below, but I couldn't separate them from this house tour that I have kept in my files for too long. This 1920s Hollywood Hills home belongs to interior designer Mark D. Sikes (his blog is a constant inspiration) and his partner Michael Griffin. I remember falling flat for that top image: the sunlight coming in through the window and the colours of the two patterned cushions styled with the neutral Hermès Avalon blanket.

Beautifully arranged bookshelves where every book and item has its place.

Sikes and Griffin have created a stylish, elegant and balanced home with attention to details. Everywhere you look there are beautifully decorated shelves, tables and trays - so many wonderful details to take in. It is exactly details like these that help turning a house into a home. They make your home more personal. Note also the chinoiserie items throughout and the striped rugs.

As I'm using images from two different sources, Lonny and House Beautiful, I couldn't include all of them and rather chose to leave some rooms out. Simply follow the links at the bottom to view more.

The breakfast nook: a white tulip table and director-style chairs.

Striped rug in the kitchen.

The kitchen island and sitting area filled with books.

The neutral colours of the living room, except for the blue and white flowerpot and garden seat, create relaxed atmosphere. The natural earthy elements - a fiber rug, a woven basket and rattan chairs - are clearly visible and on display are decorative objects and books. The faux-tortoiseshell and brass cocktail table is an Oscar de la Renta design.

The zebra rug on the floor and leopard-print cushion on the leather chair in the corner give an edge to the space. The chinoiserie cabinet and ornate console table add a contrast and complete the room.

Two of Sikes's interior style influences were the homes of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and designer Bunny Williams in the Dominican Republic. You only have to look at this space in Oscar de la Renta's home to see the influences clearly.

11 April 2014

home accessories: the Hermès blanket

Recently I was going through the images in my files and realised that I had collected quite many where the Hermès Avalon blanket seems to be the centre of attention in certain rooms. The blanket, which has become a classic, is probably one of the priciest home accessories on my wish list, but I believe the wonderful blend of wool (85%) and cashmere (15%) is worth every penny. Depending on which colours you choose, the blanket comes in two sizes: 135 x 165 cm / 140 x 175cm. I like the deep red and orange colours, but I think I would go for a neutral coloured one, mainly because it can be styled with everything.

I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend with these styling ideas.

You cannot go wrong with the blanket in your living room.

I like the idea of adding style to a reading nook or a library room. I can easily picture myself relaxing under the blanket, with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book in hand. I guess we could call it reading in style!

The Hermès blanket also works well in the bedroom or guest room. Only the best for the guests, right?

Then there is, at least for me, the most unlikely spot for it: the children's room. I guess if one had unlimited budget it wouldn't be the worst place to put it, but I sure hope the kids would appreciate it!

photo credit:
1: Kathleen Clements Design via Architectural Digest / 2: Christopher Sturman for House Beautiful / 3: Euroman magazine | styled by Denis Bjerregaard (Agentur Cph) via Remodelista / 4: Rob Fiocca for House & Home / 5: Douglas Friedman for C Magazine via Beauty by girl / 6: Domino magazine gallery / 7: Thomas Loof for House Beautiful / 8: Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

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